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AquaScaping Tips

for the Yosemite Scapable SandFall Kits

1.  Have a lot of Rock Available in a variety of sizes.  You may also want to crush some of the rock into smaller pieces for use in concealing parts of the SandFall as described below.

2.  The simplest way to create the SandFall is to mount the nozzle at the top of a rock or pile of rock and allow the sand to fall from the nozzle in front of the rock directly into the reservoir.  Trying to have the sand flow down the rock into the reservoir is possible, but increases the difficulty significantly.  The sand can bounce off the rock into unexpected places making it more difficult to have it flow into the reservoir.

3.  With the Right angle extenders you can make a fall that has about a 20 inch drop, but the higher the SandFall the more difficult it is to get the sand to flow into the reservoir.  A drop of 6 to 12 inches seems to be the easiest.

4.  Attach the rocks as needed with either silicone or waterfall foam for outdoor ponds that is fish safe.  Silcone is easier to use, but takes 24 hours to cure.  Beware most waterfall foam expands, which makes it difficult to use and it is most often black.

5.  Use the shelves on the reservoir to mount rocks to help insure the sand returns into the reservoir.

6,  The Nozzle extender with the ledge can be use to hold a rock or two in order to hide the nozzle itself.  This is more important with a topless tank.  In most cases the top will help to conceal the nozzle and the screen.

6.  You can crush up rock and apply the small pieces to any exposed areas of holes in your rock wall with silicon or waterfall foam.

7.  You can also apply sand to the curved extended with silicon in order to help camouflage it if desired.

8.  Use Plants like Anubias, Java Fern, and Java Moss to scape the area around the Nozzle and SandFall.  These can be wedged into cracks, tied, or adhered with adhesive.  This will give it a natural look and hide any exposed silicon, foam, or sand fall material.

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