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The Yosemite Scapable SandFall


Replaced by
Sutherland Model

Model SF15015092B

The Scapable Sandfall is an underwater waterfall for an aquarium that uses sand to give the illusion of a natural looking waterfall in your aquascape. The kit includes all the plumping for the Sandfall and is designed to allow you to use natural rock, wood, and plants to give your aquarium the most natural looking Sandfall possible. Simply assemble the SandFall kit as you incorporate it into you aquascape, then attach your pump and add the sand provided with your kit and you have a beautiful addition to your underwater nature aquarium. The SandFall uses a proprietary nozzle that is designed to allow the water to exit before the sand, so that the sand falls out of the nozzle, rather than being propelled at high speed by the water. This patent pending technology allows for a more reliable SandFall by making it easier to return the sand to the reservoir 

  • Suitable for Waterfalls of 6 to 20 inches high

  • Aquariums of 60 gallons or more (Min 30 gal)

  • Large Sand Reservoir, 6 x 6 inch

  • Reservoir inlet grate to help prevent clogs

  • Patent Pending Nozzle to reduce output flow for a more natural looking sandfall

  • Input Pump Connection with either 1 inch PVC (Schedule 40) or 3/4 inch ID tubing

  • Input Pump Required, approximately 500 gph ​

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