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Kedsum 550 gph with 8 ft of lift

Kedsum 550 gph with 5 ft of lift

Recommended Pumps

The below pumps are from the manufacturer we have used for our testing, so we have experience with the reliability and performance of these units.  Most similar sized pumps should work fine with the systems.  A key point is to make sure the pump comes with the proper adapters to connect to the sandfall kit to minimize adapters.   

  • Used several in our testing and found them to be reliable

  • Comes with the 3/4" barbed adapters

  • 5.9 ft power cord

  • Quiet

  • Less powerful model from same manufacturer as our test units

  • Expect similar reliability, but less experience with this pump

  • Less Expensive

  • Comes with the 3/4" barbed adapters

  • 6.5 ft power cord

  • Quiet

Note:  AquaVista does collect a small fee from Amazon when you use these links to purchase the recommended products, but this would be true of any product we recommend on Amazon, so you can be assured that there is no bias in our recommendations.

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