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AquaScaping Tips

for the Sutherland Scapable SandFall Kit

1.  Have a lot of Rock Available in a variety of sizes.  You may also want to crush some of the rock into smaller pieces for use in concealing parts of the SandFall as described below.

2.  Lower the Sandfall the easier.  6 to 8 inches is a good height to start with.

3.   You can plan for the sand to simply fall down into the reservoir, follow a path along the rocks into the reseroivr, or a combination of both.  We recommend at least a 60 degree angle for the sand to flow downwards.  If the angle is less steep the sand will generally pool in areas along the path, which can allow it to escape your path mor eeasily.

4.  Enclose the nozzle with rock in order to minimize the amount of sand that escapes when leaving he nozzle.

5.  It is best to place as much of the rock without adhesive as possible.  We suggest you test your scape before glueing anythign to make sure the sand is flowing the way you think it will.  It is ok to have leaks at this point, since you have not glued anythgin yet, but try to note where you have problems.  

6.  After testing, drain the tank, and allow it to dry.  Then use SIlicone to adhere the rocks that you feel need the support.  You can also use the silicon to fill any cracks, crevices, or hoels you have.  You can camoflage the silcone with small piece sof rock, rock dust, or sand as you like.  SIlicon will not hold a lot of weight and if you need that type of support you shoudl consider either a cement or waterfall foam which both have more stregth than silicon on rock.   

7.  Waterfall foam can add more structural strength, but it expands as it dries, so it is difficult to manage.  You can shave away the excess once it dries, which helps. 

8.  Use Plants like Anubias, Java Fern, and Java Moss to scape the area around the Nozzle and SandFall.  These can be wedged into cracks, tied, or adhered with adhesive.  This will give it a natural look and hide any exposed silicon, foam, or sand fall material.

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