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Model SF12012060A Installation Instructions

      The below instructions are for the assembly of the Sutherland Scapable SandFall Kit.  While you are doing the assembly of the kit you will also need to be adding the stone or wood around the unit.  Please read the AquaScaping Tips prior to proceeding.


Note on Sand – This unit has been tested with PetSmart TopFin® white sand and PetCo Imaginarium® white sand, which is the whitest sand we have found and has a grain size of approximately 1 mm.  Other sands with a similar or larger grain size should work as well.  If the sand is too fine it will not fall properly.  

Note on Tubing - If the PVC tubing is kinked it may be worthwhile to boil it for five to ten minutes to restore the proper shape to the tubing prior to starting.

      The Sutherland Scapable Sandfall Kit is very flexible and can be assembled in a variety of different ways to fit your aquarium and scaping concept.  

Connections:  There are two types of connections

Hose to Adapter/Nozzle/Reservoir - A 5/8" OD hose can simply be inserted to the nozzle or the reservoir and atleast one end of every adpater.  The hose should slide in more than 1/2" and will stay secure during assembly.  After assembly, the conneciton will also be held together by the scaping that you add around the components.  This conneciton helps to maximize the sandflow and has been proven to be reliable.  If you are concerned you can reinforce the joint with silicone to make it more permanent, but we do not feel this is required in most installations.

Connection - Hose to adapter.png

Adpater to Nozzle/Reservoir - All the adpaters have a smaller end with a notch on it.  The nozzle and reservoir have a hole with a groove.  Simply align the notch and the groov, insert the adpater and once fully inserted, rotate as needed.

Connection Nozzle to adapter.png



1.  Reservoir - Assemble four suction cups to the bottom of the reservoir.  This helps to insure the reservoir is level when installed. 

Assy Suction to reservoir.png

2.  Attach Pump  - The inflow side is the side with the Aquavista Aquatics Logo and this is where the pump should be connected.  Use either the included hose or any 1/2" ID hose with a 5/8" OD.  You may also use one of the RA adapters that is included in order to route the hose as needed. 

Attach Pump.png

3.  Configure Nozzle (Optional) - The nozzle can be attached directly to the 5/8" diameter hose, but it is more typical to use one of the two included right angle adpaters.  Attach either standard RA Nozzle adapter to attach nozzle to back of aquarium, or use the 45 degree adpater if installing the nozzle in the corner.  Attach suction cup.  

Configure Nozzle RA Straight.png
Configure Nozzle RA 45 degree.png

Right Angle

Straight Adapter

Right Angle

45 degree Adapter

(For Corner)

4.  Connect Output - Connect Hose and Right Angle connectors as needed to Place Reservoir in tank and connect pump with either 1” PVC or ¾” tubing or 1” PVC.  Make sure the reservoir is level from front to back.  Do not rest a heavy rock on the outflow side of the reservoir as this will tilt the reservoir in the wrong direction and affect sand flow.

Connect Output B.png

Min Bend Radius

3 Inches (75 mm)

Without RA Tube Adapter

5.  Assemble Nozzle to Reservoir - Final assembly of the Nozzle to the output of the reservoir you just assembled.  There are many options, but here is a typical configuraiton

Sutherland Scapable SandFall

With RA Tube Adapter

Connect Output A.png

6.  Fill tank with water and turn on pump.  Then add sand to reservoir to desired level.  It is recommended to plan on doing this before scaping anything other than the SandFall in order to see how the sand flows with the sandfall scaping in place.  You will likely have to drain the tank and fix a few things on the scape and the fill again, possibly repeating a couple of time to get your desired look and to make sure the sand all flows into the reservoir properly

Sutherland Final Assy.png
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