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Háifoss SandFall Filter

Model SFF454824A 



    1.  Remove Packaging and tape.

    2.  Rinse SandFall.  After rinsing it is recommended that the assembly be soaked in water for 48 hrs.  This will help to remove any remaining dust from the assembly.

    3.  Thoroughly rinse included sand.  This will reduce the initial cloudiness

    4.  Remove two top pieces of rock from the top of the unit

    5.  Place main rock unit into water.  Be sure that the sandfall is placed onto a flat surface.  Do not push down into substrate as this may damage the plumbing on the bottom of the sandfall.

    6.  Place two top pieces onto rock.  May have to hold them under water until the air escapes.  Insure water level is maintained higher than the bottom of the smaller of the two top pieces.  Note:  There are pin holes and discontinuities in the rock to allow air to escape. 

    7.  Plug pump in to Standard 110V Outlet.  Insure there is a drip loop so water will not follow the cord into the outlet.  We recommend you use a GFCI outlet.  If a GFCI outlet is not available, we recommend GFCI extension cords.  See recommended accessories.

    8.  Place about 1/2 to 3/4 of the provided sand into the reservoir.  This should be enough to activate the waterfall.  Additional sand can be added, but this may result in sand being blown from the reservoir, which will fall onto your substrate.  If you are using Sand as your substrate you can maximize sandflow by increasing the amount of sand in the reservoir.

    9.  At any point in the process you can add rocks, wood, and plants to decorate as you like.    


 Filter - The filter foam and carbon pad should be removed monthly or when the sandfall has reduced sandflow.  Best practice is to rinse filter foam with distilled/RO/Well water rather than tap water which may destroy the beneficial bacteria in the filter foam.  The carbon infused pad should be replaced monthly to insure the effectiveness of your chemical filtration.  See the accessories section to purchase additional carbon pads for your sandfall filter.

    1.  Remove Resin Rock on top of the right side of the sandfall.

    2.  Remove the two filter pads with tweezers or by hand while holding the blue filter cage in place.

    3.  After rinsing, replace foam pads with the carbon pad closest to the pump.  The carbon infused pad is the stiffer of the two pads.

Pump - It is recommended to clean the pump impeller assembly at least once every six months.  To clean the pump

    1.  UnPlug the Pump

    2.  Remove the Resin rock on top of the right side of the sandfall

    3.  Pull the filter cartridge, located to the right of the pump, up and remove it

    4.  Pull the pump up and remove it.  

    5.  Rotate the gray intake counterclockwise a quarter turn and pull it off

    6.  Pull white rod and impeller/magnet assembly from the pump

    7.  Clean residue from all part of the impeller assembly.  A toothbrush works well for this.

    8.  Soak parts in vinegar for 24 hrs and rinse thoroughly

    9.  Reassemble parts to pump

   10.  Place filter cartridge over pump and reassemble the two parts to the resin rock

   11.  Replace top piece of Resin rock

   12.  Plug in pump

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