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Eaton Canyon SandFall Installation Instructions

Model SF291815 



    1.  Remove Packaging and tape.  There is a bracket on the pump that is for shipping only and can be removed at this time.

    2.  Rinse SandFall.  After rinsing it is recommended that the assembly be soaked in water for 48 hrs.  This will help to remove any remaining dust from the                      assembly.

    3.  Thoroughly rinse included sand.  This will reduce the initial cloudiness

    4.  Place main rock unit into water.  Turn it upside down to release trapped air that can prevent the pump from starting.

    5.  Plug pump in to Standard 110V Outlet.  Insure there is a drip loop so water will not follow the cord into the outlet.  We recommend you use a GFCI outlet.  If              a GFCI outlet is not available, we recommend GFCI extension cords.  See recommended accessories.

    6.  Once plugged in, lift the rock up, so the upper half of the rock is out of the water.  Verify the pump is working by confirming that water is coming out the top              of the rock and flowing down the channel.

    7.  Now place the rock down onto a level surface.  Do not push down into substrate as this may damage the plumbing on the bottom of the sandfall.

    8.  Place approximately half of the provided sand into the reservoir, which should be plenty for the sandfall.  Additional sand can be added, but is not necessary.

    9.  Add rocks, wood, and plants to decorate as you like.    


Pump - It is recommended to clean the pump impeller assembly at least once every six months.  To clean the pump

    1.  UnPlug the Pump

    2.  Remove the Resin rock or move forward enough to gain access to the pump.

    3.  Remove the shipping bracket if it was not done before installation.

    4.  Remove the connector on the front of the pump.  (the side you cannot see easily) There is a tab in the top center that you can push to remove this connector.  

    5.  Pull the pump up and then push cord out of channel to remove the pump completely.  

    6.  Follow Manufacturer Instructions here to Clean Pump.

    7.  Set the pump to at least half flow.  

    8.  Place pump back in holder and attach connector.

    9.  Plug in Pump.

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