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Brine Shrimp Hatchery Instructions

Model BSH2021S Assembly Instructions

1.  Assembly of Supports - Insert Nuts into Base and then attach supports with screws.  Hold Base Upside Down.

Nut Assembly with arrows.png
Support Assembly.png

2.  Cut bottom off of 2L bottle (not included) and then attach to base.  Thread tightly to prevent leaks

2L Bottle Assembly with arrow.png

NOTE:  It is best to remove the plastic band near the threads of the 2L bottle

3.  Attach air hose.  Optional - The included cable tie can be used to secure air hose to prevent leaks, but is generally not needed with the included tubing.  Use needle nose pliers to pull cable tie tight to prevent leaks.

Air hose assembly with arrow.png
cable tie assy.png

4.  Attach air hose holder to top (formerly the bottom) of the 2L bottle.  Route Air hose thru air hose holder and connect to your air pump.

Air hose holder assy.png

5.  Assemble Plug - Tighten before Use

Plug assembly with arrows.png

Completed Assembly

BRS 3 v24 - Standard Model.png
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