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AquaVista Aquatics

AquaVista Aquatics was created to utilize new technologies and American manufacturing to bring innovative new products to the aquarium hobby.  Our first product was a revolutionary underwater waterfall for the nature aquarium that can be aquascaped into the natural rock or wood scape of the aquarium.  This aquarium waterfall uses sand to create the illusion of a natural waterfall in your aquarium.

We have since introduced sandfalls with resin rocks incorporated into the design for more of a plug and play user experience.  Most recently, we have worked with our friend, Greg Sage at Select Aquatics to design and manufacture an innovative new take on the age old 2L Bottle Brine Shrimp Hatchery.  Greg is a master breeder, primarily of endangered live bearers and has been featured on Cory McElroy's Aquarium Coop videos for his work.

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